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Our hasslе-frее application procеss еnsurеs quick approvals, and our compеtitivе ratеs makе financing your drеams еasiеr than еvеr.

For non-traditional mortgage loans, look no further if you are an investor in real estate or self-employed. Bank statements and “no income-no employment” loans are among the several non-QM mortgage products that Jay The Mortgage Dad offers. These top 1099 mortgage loans enable you to qualify using alternative income documentation. 

For a very long time, stated income loans have been our area of expertise. We have connections to the top-stated income lenders, and we are always researching industry changes on your behalf. Following our guidance below and our answering of your queries, we will put you in touch with the top stated income lenders in Miramar, FL so they can talk with you about your particular situation.

Lenders often demand self-employed people to utilize their average net income or loss over the previous two years. Many contractors try to defer their tax write-offs for a period of two years to increase their qualifying income as reported. While 1099 workers enjoy the same tax benefits when deducting costs, they also encounter similar difficulties when attempting to apply for a mortgage. Applying for and being approved for a mortgage is comparable for 1099 workers and company owners alike. The bank statement loan is the ideal choice for a 1099 worker who reports very little net income. 

For real estate investors in need of fast access to funds at affordable interest rates, there are simple investment loans. For a maximum of 12 months, we provide interest-only loans. Creating aesthetically pleasing and cozy living areas that appeal to prospective renters is the aim, in addition to raising the property’s value. We provide construction loans to help pay for the price of labor, supplies, permits, and other charges related to the building process. Borrowers pay interest only during the building portion of the loan, and when the project is finished, they can choose to pay it off through other methods, including selling the property or converting the loan into a conventional mortgage. Please speak with your accountant if this is something you are thinking about doing, as we are not offering tax advice here.

1099 Mortgage Loans
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